Wheelchair curling has grown throughout the world over the past decade. Teams from all over the world, from Korea, to Italy, to Canada, come together once a year to complete for the World Wheelchair Curling Championships

Wheelchair curling is played on the same ice, and with the same rocks as able-bodied curling. Curling is opened to all individuals who are in a wheelchair or can only walk short distances. This includes athletes with significant impairments in lower leg function (spinal injuries, cerebral palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, double leg amputation, etc.) or who use a wheelchair for daily mobility. There is no specific classification to follow in the sport of Wheelchair Curling.

Each team must have male and female players on a team, which may include two males, two females, or three of one gender and one of another.

In wheelchair curling, the only equipment needed is a wheelchair and a throwing stick.

The rules of wheelchair curling are governered by, and played according to the rules of the World Curling Federation (WCF), with only one minor change for wheelchair users – no sweeping.

For rules from the WCF, click on the following link - World Curling Federation Rules and Regulations

Club & Contacts

Saskatchewan Curling Association "Give it a Go" clinics
Amber Holland
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Saskatoon Curling Program
Samantha Yachiw
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Regina Curling Program
Bob Capp – 1-306-789-0367
Shelia Flasko – 1-306-584-0101 Ext. 5

Moose Jaw Curling Program
Lorraine Arguin


World Curling Federation - Wheelchair Curling
Canadian Paralympic Committee - Wheelchair Curling
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Saskatchewan Curling Association