October 2014 Newsletter

Regina Office:
2205 Victoria Ave
Regina, SK S4P 0S4
Phone: 780.9446
Fax: 780.9416
Saskatoon Office:
510 Cynthia St.
Saskatoon, SK S7L 7K7
Phone: 975.0867
Fax: 975.0891



For all sport Science inquiries, contact Travis Laycock, Manager of Sport Science Programs and Services. Travis is in our Saskatoon office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

  • Mental Training– Workshops & progressive consulting are available in the areas of team building and group dynamics, attention, emotional, and arousal control, self awareness, mental imagery, self-talk, goal setting, routines, ideal performance state, mental toughness, and practice effectiveness.
  • Strength & Conditioning– Workshops and services are available in core strength, concepts in warm-up/cool-down, weight training, resistance training, foot speed & agility, plyometric training, exercise program design, and exercise ball training.
  • Exercise/Rehabilitation/Training Equipment and Supplies– Various items are available to purchase such as exercise bands & tubing as well as medicine & exercise balls.
  • Biomechanics– Services are available in analyzing technical skills through the use of slow motion video analysis.
  • Exercise Physiology– Services available in metabolic condition (aerobic & anaerobic), and physiological program planning and design.
  • Sport Nutrition– Workshops and services are available in basic sport nutrition, fluids, weight issues, pre/post event nutrition, nutrition on the road, tournament & multi-event nutrition, and supplements & herbal products.
  • ‘SaskMilk’ Athlete Nutrition Program- Free workshops for athletes between 12 and 18 years of age. Content includes food groups, pre/post competition meals, carbs/proteins/fats, fluids, and milk & calcium.


For all sport Medicine inquiries, contact Scott Julé, Manager of Sport Medicine Programs and Services. Scott is in our Regina office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

  • Sport Safety Program-
    • Sport First Aid– 7 hour workshop is available with content consisting of role of the first aider and liability concerns, fitness & injury prevention, the medical kit, facilities & equipment, emergency action plans, life threatening injuries, injury recognition, and common sport injuries. Phone for costs.
    • Sport Taping- 7 hour workshop is available with content consisting of injury assessment & management, taping theory, (benefits, when and why you tape, common mistakes, taping techniques, taping supplies), and plenty of actual taping instruction and practical taping time on the ankle, wrist, thumb, finger, and functional wrapping of the hip. Phone for costs.
  • Sport Medicine Education Sessions- Sessions range from one to three hours in length and can be on one topic or a combination of many. Suggested topics include injury prevention (warm up/cool down and stretching), recognition & care of common injuries, life threatening injuries, emergency action plans, etc.
  • Initial Injury Assessments- Individual services include personalized injury assessments and return to sport programming following injury.
  • Sport First Aid Kits & Supplies- Various sport first aid kits and supplies are available for purchase. Everything from tensors and tape to ointments and finger splints. Consultation on developing sport specific kits is also available.
  • Medical Coverage Program- On a request basis, the SMSCS will make every attempt to provide a variety of medical personnel, equipment, supplies, and services to assist sport groups to provide adequate medical coverage at sport events. Phone for costs. SMSCS can also assist in the development of safety policies & guidelines for sport events and organizations.
  • Medical Equipment Loaner/Rental Program- Medical equipment and supplies such as ultrasound machines, sport 1st aid ‘trainers’ kits, splint kits, and portable treatment tables are available for rent or loan on a first come-first serve basis. Some restrictions apply.
  • Sport Med Saturdays Program– This one-day conference is offered twice a year, in the spring and fall on designated Saturdays. The conference offers a multidisciplinary, educational approach to sports injury management.
  • Drug Education & Awareness Program- Workshops consist of information on banned substances and methods, doping control procedures, exemption procedures/forms, athlete rights and responsibilities, alternatives to doping, and fair play & ethics. The SMSCS can also assist organizations in developing drug education policies and programming. A separate Nutritional Supplement Workshop is also available.
  • Web Page, Newsletter, and Resource Material– Offered to assist athletes, coaches, schools, rec. boards, etc